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Currently, Deca-Medics, Inc. (DMI) is developing a series of patented CPR product called LifeBelt® to address the fatigue factor. The LifeBelt® CPR device is designed as stand alone product for administering high-quality CPR and generating circulation and as tool to be used to improve the effectiveness of AED’s.

Source: Deca-Medics

CPR-Pad by Ryan Helps


Designer Ryan Helps (yup, really his name) has addressed this issue with his “CPR-PAD” design. When applied to the chest, this monitor/aid shows the optimal way to push the chest correctly, clicks when proper pressure is achieved and flashes the power light for proper rhythm. Having one of these easy to understand, life-saving devices readily available in the work place or any public place would not only qualify almost anyone to perform a minor miracle, but save countless lives.

Source: Yanko Design


iopacAtreo Medical conceived of the CPRGlove® technology in late 2006. The CPRGlove® is an inexpensive tool intended for the lay-rescuer capable of assisting in an emergency. This product is a guiding hand, calmly coaching the rescuer step-by-step through the event. The CPRGlove® reduces the anxiety associated with an unforeseen emergency by providing critical audio-visual prompting and feedback. The device reminds the rescuer of proper chest compression rates and depths and helps ensure that CPR quality is high so that the victim has a much improved chance of survival.

Source: Atreo Medical

Pocket CPR


CPR delivery is physically and mentally demanding, and bystanders often lack confidence or are afraid they will harm the victim. PocketCPR increases confidence and reinforces skills learned in CPR training.

This FDA cleared device reminds the rescuer what to do before initiating CPR and coaches the rescuer with feedback during CPR. PocketCPR delivers ZOLL Medical Corporation’s proven Real CPR Help® technology in a light, portable device that measures and provides real-time feedback about the rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR.

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„rescue.kit“ – Interaktiver Rettungsassistent


Ratloser Retter? – Nicht, wenn die Rettungshilfe ihn beim Helfen anleitet. Er legt den interaktiven Rettungsassisten dem Bewusstlosen um den Hals, so dass die Vitalfunktionen gemessen werden, und auf die Brust. Display und Lautsprecher geben sodann Anweisungen, wie, wo und wie lange Herzmassage bzw. Beatmung zu leisten sind. Dehnungssensoren kontrollieren die Qualität der Massage. – Die vereinfachte Version hiervon ist eine Rettungsweste, auf der Druckbereich und Anweisungen in piktografischer Form aufgedruckt sind.

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Ring of Power, Except it Snitches on You

MHS Electronics has created the UV rays detector to measure and keep information about the time people spend under the sun to prevent skin and eyes diseases such as melanoma. If you think you can cheat, think again. All the information gets linked up with your doctor. The device comes in a ring form factor for easy wearability and because hands are the most exposed body part to the sun. To keep information synced and the ring charge, just place it on top of its USB powered dock.

Designers: Julien Bergignat & Laurence Charron-Huysecom

Source: Yankodesign



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