New Thermometer Has a Mother’s Loving Touch

Lunar Baby Thermometer makes getting a temperature much easier

Lunar Baby Thermometer makes getting a temperature much easier

When I was little and had a cold, my mother would always take my temperature by putting a glass stick thermometer in my mouth. I never understood these, because not only did I have to close my mouth to get a reading on it, my nose was stuffed up so I couldn’t breathe out of that either! Well, now there is a simpler solution.

A new thermometer has been designed by Duck Young Kong in which a hand wearing the device is placed on the head in order to get an accurate temperature reading.

Named the Lunar Baby Thermometer, this device simply checks the ailing person’s temperature without any uncomfortable intrusive methods.

From Duck Young Kong:

“The idea is based on a common and natural behavior of putting your hand on the forehead to measure internal heat of their body. Checking the temperature by scanning the forehead with this device is easier and faster, since it eliminates the need to insert an external tool while holding them in a still position. The intuitive shape of the device allows the user to easily understand how to hold and use the device. The organic and ergonomic shape provides a secure grasp in the users hand.”

The simple design is easy to use and gives a quick reading

Once the device is placed on the forehead, it will let the user know it’s done by a beeping sound followed by flashing LED alerts. The temperature can clearly be seen on the screen while still holding the device to the forehead.

This device looks simple enough to use. As you can see you only need to hold it between two fingers up to someone’s forehead, wait a little bit, and there you go. No inserting thermometers in places they weren’t meant to be.



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